Outfit | Lowlands Looks


Hi everyone!!

How are you all? It has been quite for a whole Month on highonthoseheels. I didn’t what I actually really wanted with my blog. I wanted to think about a lot of things and desissions which I have to make that will change my life quite a bit! So I took some time tot think that allover. And now I can say (for the second time) I’m back!!! Starting with one of the best moments of my holiday, Lowlands!

I had never been to a festival for a whole weekend so yess this was my first ever but definetly not the last, Lowlands! I’ve to say that I had high expectations for this festival but it was even better then that! The whole vibe on lowlands is amazing! When you see an artist which you didn’t know off but blowns your mind and instantly makes you a fan, Ik love that! And off course my cup of tea, what to wear to a festival? Well my idea was to shoot every single outfit. I haven’t shot them all because I really wanted to enjoy every single moment of this festival! So here are a few snaps of my Lowlands Looks! Which one is your favorite?


Lowlands look day 1