Inspiration trend | Kick Flare



Dear readers,

How are you doing? After a fun weekend I’m unfortunately not feeling well. I’ve a cold so going to relax a bit and getting enought sleep so that I hopefully can enjoy this weekend the fullest! It will be a pretty packed weekend! On Friday and Saturday I’ve my days off, don’t really know how I’m going to spend those days. On Sunday I’m going to Bloemendaal for a festival Strafwerk x Woodstock! Can’t wait for that one!! For now I’ve this new inspiration trend post for you all! The new summer version of the flared jeans, Kick Flare Jeans! Hope you like it :)!

This trend is perfect for this summer season and easy to style! Wear a blue jeans with a basic white tee, a bandana as a scarf and some summer heeled sandals. Or combine a black kick flare with a striped shirt, black leather jacket and some black heeled boots! I’ve selected some of my favorite streetstyle looks with this fun trend!

Which one is your favorite look? How would you style it? Let me know :)!

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Inspiration trend | Sporty Mesh



Dear readers,

Yess, I’m still here! These last few weeks has been so busy and fully booked with my graduation project! I didn’t even had time to post something new and to be onest, I didn’t had the energie. I’m only posting when I feel creative and when I think that I’ve to share something with you all, not because I’ve to! It has been a while but here is a new inspiration trend post! For this new trend, I got inspired by my graduation photoshoot which I had to style, it’s ok to show some skin | Sporty Mesh! Have a look :)!

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Inspiration trend | Summer Stripes



Hello People,

Weekend is almost here! And after watching the weather forecast, I can’t wait! It will be 17 degrees and sunny on Sunday! That means enjoying the sun in the park with a glass off wine, hanging out with friends, sounds great to me! This weekend I will be shooting a new look for you all but for now I’ve this new inspriration trend post! One of the biggest trends for spring/summer season and perfect to match with all kinds of styles | Stripes! Check it out :)!

What I love about Striped is that you can wear it day and night time and you can keep the rest of your look basic and simple! Wear it casual with a long Striped dress combined a light denim jacket and some black heeled boots! Or make it more chic and feminine with a striped off shoulder top, a midi a-line skirt some open sandals with heels! I’ve selected some of my streetstyle outfits with this trend!  Which one is your favorite? Let me know :)!

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Inspiration trend | Slip Dress



Hi readers,

Hope your all enjoying your weekend! Yesterday after giving my danceclasses I went shopping in Eindhoven with my mom and sister! It has been a while since I went actually for a afternoon with a nice sun and spring breeze! I found some cool pieces for spring and also allready for summer fesival season! I can’t wait for the summer periode to start and enjoy the long warm evenings, beachdays and party’s! For now I’ve this new inspiration trend for you guys! This sexy trend is perfect for upcoming spring/summer season as one piece but also to layer with other items | The Slip Dress! Check it out :)!


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Inspiration trend | Bomber


Hi readers,

How are you all doing? Busy months are up a head for me with a lot of school work, work, dancing and off course blogging. I really want to blog more but with my graduation, it’s hard to find that extra time. After graduation there will be a lot more posts! For now this new inspiration trend! I found the perfect one so I wanted some inspiration with this awesome item | The Bomber!

I think this has to one of my favorite trends at the moment because it gives your outfit that extra touch and it’s quite easy to style! Wear it with a simple Shirt,  jeans and sneakers for that instant street casual look! Or make it more feminine a cute printed dress or skirt with a blouse! I’ve selected some of my favorite streetstyle outfits with this amazing trend!

How would you style the bomber? Let me know :)

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Inspiration trend | Levi’s Wedgie



Dear readers,

Every girl should own that one pair of jeans that accentuates your best assets and which is comfy to well Levi’s did it again. Levi’s has launched a new style and fit: The Wedgie. The vintage style is hotter than ever, getting inspired by the fits of the 70’s, 80’s and offcourse the 90’s. They got inspired by the vintage fit but improved it by making it women flattering without the akward lines and bulge on vintage jeans.

Getting inspired by the mom jeans fit with is populair on the younger people, they created the Wedgie with the highrise-fit. The backpockets are slightly tilted inwards which gives you the ultimate sexy mom butt!

So save up some money for the ultimate new and iconic women fit and get your own Levi’s Wedgie! Off course I’m getting my own pair which I will show to you all soon!

What do you think of this new fit? Let me know :)!

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Inspiration trend | Oversized sweater

How to wear the Oversized sweater | I've selected some of my favorite streetstyle outfits with this trend now on  |



Hi sweet readers,

All enjoying your weekend? I enjoyed a nice afternoon and night off doing nothing! Well a bit of homework but next to that it’s quite a mellow weekend which is sometimes nice. Tomorrow I’m going to sleep inn and I’m going to shoot a new outfit! I always love to share outfits and trying out all kinds of looks and styles! For now it time for some streetstyle inspiration with this new inspiration trend post. This time I got inspired by a oversized sweater off mine, I really wanted to know on how to style it other ways! Take a look :)!

This trend is perfect for the upcoming winter cold days! It’s also perfect to combine with all kinds of styles! You can wear a oversized sweater, some overknee boots and a fedora hat. Or make it more casual with a long oversized sweater dress, some socks and chunky lace up shoes! I’ve combined my oversized sweater for my lastest outfit with a lace detail skirt and some overknee boots here! I’ve selected some of my favorite streetstyle looks with this trend!

Which one is your favorite look? And how would you style it?


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