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Hi sweet readers,
How are you all? I can finally relax after a few very busy weeks with school work. I wanted to post some more posts but didn’t had enough time! Yesterday was the last day of Amsterdam Fashionweek and I went to the Dorhout Mees show with my giveaway winner Hilde :)! And wow, what an amazing show!

We first meeted at Amsterdam Centraal and chatted a while with a nice cup of Starbucks coffee. After that we went to the Westergasterrein were the show took place. It was so nice to see some other bloggers as Anouk Boonstra from the blog Fajez and Frederique from the blog FAB le Frique! We had tickets for the 3th row so we could see everything super well!

We walked into a cozy setted area with a lot light bulbs hanging from the sealing and in the back was a orchestra playing. Esther got inspired by the old theaters from circuses. Using materials as velvet, sheer and shiny creating 3D applications. Creating extemely small waists with corsets and puffy sleeves for some contrasts in shape. Also loved the handmade platform shoes! My 2 favorite outfits was the sheer top and skirt with blue velvet dots and dyed white dress!
Which one is your favorite? Let me know 🙂



| Photo’s from Team Peter Stigter |


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