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Hi everyone,

How are you all?  I’m doing great! I’ve a bit more spare time this week so relaxing a bit and blogging more! It’s so nice to have some spare time, I can finally do some things like cleaning out my closet. Well, I found a lot of clothes which I didn’t even knew I had haha. A few weeks ago I went to Amsterdam Fashionweek with my giveaway winner to Dorhout Mees and off course I wore a new outfit! My camera is still broke so we shot this outfit with my Phone. I’m so curious what you all think of it 🙂

I’m wearing a floral print dress combined with a faux leather jacket! I wanted to wear this jacket at fashionweek but I forgot it so I had to wear another jacket. Under that I’m wearing my over-knee boots and a fedora hat which I both bought at the H&M.

What do you all think of this outfit? And what do you think of this floral dress? Love to hear 🙂

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| Dress – Zara | Jacket – Forever 21 | Knee-Boots and Hat – H&M |


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  1. Ooo, I adore this outfit!! I love how you spiced up this cute floral dress with an edgy biker jacket and those boots <3

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award because I think your blog deserves more recognition! 🙂 For more information and to find the questions you have been asked you can check out my newest post (about the Liebster Award)!

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