Outfit | Place Some Lace


Hi sweet readers,

Unfornuatly I’m laying sick in bed for two days now! I got a tonsillitis so I can’t eat a lot and a sore throat. So the only that I have eating a bit are ici creams. Now don’t get me wrong I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee icicreams but now I just want to eat something else! I shot this new outfit last week, a feminine look with a touch of lace! Curious what you all think of this new look :)!

I really liked this new outfit! I’m wearing a turtleneck white sweater combined with a black dress with a lace trim! I loved the combination and a touch of lace. Ove that I putted my duster coat because It’s still a bit cold outside. Under that I’m wearing my over-knee boots and a black satchel bag for a monochrome look!

What do you think of this outfit? And the touch of lace? Love to hear 🙂

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2015-02-25 21.06.45 2015-02-25 21.07.27 20150222_160943 20150222_160932 20150222_161016

2015-02-25 21.09.102015-02-25 21.06.12

| Sweater and overknee boots – H&M | Dress – Only | Coat – Primark | Bag – New Look |

Outfit | Denim Blues


Hi sweet readers,

Enjoying a long weekend off because I also have a day on monday! Today I enjoyed a lovely afternoon with Zilver. We went to the cinema and did some shopping such a sweet little girl :)! I also shot a new outfit yesterday! A black outfit combined with a bit of blue. Hope you like it 🙂

I’m wearing a black top combined with a light wased denim jacket! This jacket is actually a slim fit but I bought it two sizes bigger! What do you think of the Oversized fit? Under that I’m wearing a black highwaisted jeans and some platform booties!

Curious what you all think of this new look! Let me know 🙂

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2015-02-21 20.42.46 20150215_171519 20150215_171713 20150215_171736 20150215_171705 2015-02-21 20.43.15

| Top- H&M | Jacket and Jeans – Levi’s | Boots – Graceland |

Outfit | Blue Birthday


Hi everyone,

Whoop whoooppppp it’s my 22th birthday so party party party!! I really love birthday not only my own but from everyone!  I got some really nice gifts and had a great day. I really feel like a birthday girl!! Off course I also wore a new outfit which I’m going to share with you now! I’m curious what you all think of it 🙂 

I’m wearing a striped loose fit sweater combined with my second 501 CT jeans! I really liked this colour and I love the fit of the 501CT. You can fit your own Levi’s 501 CT on www.levi.com. I made these look more feminine with some blue pointed heels but you can also wear a pair of sneakers for a more casual look! What do you think of this Birthday look? Love to hear 🙂 I’m now going to party!!


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20150219_143024 20150219_143037 20150219_143142 2015-02-19 19.58.16 20150219_143119 20150219_143201 20150219_143017 20150219_143254

| Sweater – Zara | Jeans – Levi’s | Heels – Royal Chicks | Lipstick – Chanel |

Outfit | A touch of red


Hi sweet readers,

Well weekend is over, again! Did you all enjoyed your weekend? In Brabant it is carnaval so dressing up and drink and party a lot! Well the spring holiday in North of Holland starts a week later so I had to go school today. I also not feeling well so no carnaval for me. I did shot a new outfit last weekend!  A basic look with a touch of red! Check it out 🙂

I’m wearing a cropped grey sweater combined with a leather midi skirt. This leather skirt is one of my favorite items in my closet, what do you think of this skirt? Under that I’m wearing a black duster coat and some platform booties. Because it is a basic outfit I putted some red lipstick on for a touch of colour! Well what do you think of this basic look? Love to hear 🙂

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20150214_163116 20150214_162929 20150214_162730 20150214_163126 20150214_163034

| Sweater and skirt – Zara |Duster Coat – Primark | Booties – Graceland | Sunglasses – Polette Eyewear | Lipstick -Chanel |

Outfit | Fashionweek A/W 2015


Hi everyone,

How are you all?  I’m doing great! I’ve a bit more spare time this week so relaxing a bit and blogging more! It’s so nice to have some spare time, I can finally do some things like cleaning out my closet. Well, I found a lot of clothes which I didn’t even knew I had haha. A few weeks ago I went to Amsterdam Fashionweek with my giveaway winner to Dorhout Mees and off course I wore a new outfit! My camera is still broke so we shot this outfit with my Phone. I’m so curious what you all think of it 🙂

I’m wearing a floral print dress combined with a faux leather jacket! I wanted to wear this jacket at fashionweek but I forgot it so I had to wear another jacket. Under that I’m wearing my over-knee boots and a fedora hat which I both bought at the H&M.

What do you all think of this outfit? And what do you think of this floral dress? Love to hear 🙂

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20150208_143056 20150208_143201 20150208_143220 20150208_143134 20150208_143240 20150208_143242 2015-02-11 22.26.36 20150208_143147

| Dress – Zara | Jacket – Forever 21 | Knee-Boots and Hat – H&M |

Outfit | Polette Sunnies


Hi sweet readers,

It’s monday again! Did you all enjoyed your weekend? I’ve enjoyed a nice free Sunday with my boyfriend! We laid till 11 o’clock and then had a breakfast/lunch haha! We wanted to do something fun so we went to the Holland Casino in Breda. It was my first time in a casino so I was pretty excited! I had won 15 euro’s and then lost 10 euro’s haha. We also shot a new outfit with my new polette sunglasses!

I finally received my polette sunnies last week! Polette is a French brand for sunglasses and prescription glasses and since their inception as L’usine à Lunettes – by an entrepreneur who left school at sixteen – they have fast become the market leader in France. They now want to conquer the Dutch and Flemish hearts with the introduction of a Dutch website ( here ).Polette is innovative because they produce frames of high quality at super low prices. Polette workes without the parties, such as brands, importers and stores and thereby put the current market on its head. Additionally, you can order in our webshop and you give yourself a glass color and determine the tint level. Their collection has more than nine hundred frames. By concept of fashion eyewear from now, because you can change your glasses for any outfit.

I’ve choosen the Vogue B black sunnies. I like bigger glasses more on me and black is always right! I’ve combined the sunnies with a white blouse and green sweater! Under that I’m wearing a green dyed jeans from the Levi’s. What do you think of the colour? At first I didn’t really liked the colour of the jeans but now I really like it. Polette launched it’s

What do you think of this new outfits Dutch website! They have a special 50 % discount for all the Dutch and Flemish readers: HalloNL! Tomorrow is the last day so order your own Polette now www.polette.com/nl here

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Outfit | Falling For Yellow


Hi sweet readers,

How are you all? I have a date with my homework tonight so that will be a boring one. What did all think of my new site? I got some great comments on it! Hope your all going to like this new outfit to! I got a thing lately for this type of  colour yellow, ochreous! Hope ou like it!

I’m wearing a oversized cardigan combined with a black cropped turtlenecked top. I bought this top at the Forever 21 last week in Amsterdam. Under that I’m wearing a highwaisted superstretch jeans from the Levi’s and some cut out booties. These jeans are so comfy and feel like pyjamapants haha. I really liked the all black with a pop of yellow!

Do you like this new look? And what do you think of this type of yellow? Have a nice night everyone :)!

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20150201_171225 20150201_171230 20150201_163910 2015-02-04 21.40.07 20150201_171250

 | Cardigan – Monki | Top – Forever 21 |  Highwaisted Jeans – Levi’s | Booties – H&M divided |

Outfit | Classic Denim


Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderfull weekend! I had a full Saturday of dancing because I had to perform all day in Breda! I finally had some time of on Sunday so I had some spare time with my family boyfriend! We also shot some new outfits! Unfortunately my camera brokedown so I made these photo’s with my Phone wearing my new 501 CT Levi’s jeans! Hope you like it 🙂

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