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Hi readers,

Just a short post for now. Tomorrow is my pre presentation moment for my graduation, which means red of green light! School comes first now but I really wanted to show you a new outfit because it has been a while since I posted one. We shot this new look on friday and I think this look is typical me! A simple look perfect for day and night! Hope you like it :)!

I’m wearing a kaki green longsleeve crop top combined with my beloved 505 jean from Levi’s! Still in love with this mom jeans kind of fit! Under that I’m wearing some comfy converse all stars, chokers and this perfect fit old skool sunglasses from Polette eyewear!

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| Longsleeve crop top – H&M divided  |Vintage jeans – Levi’s | Sneakers – Converse | Watch – Fossil | Sunglasses – Polette (here) | Velvet Choker – Asos (here) | Choker with jewel – H&M |

Sneak Peek | Almost There



Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? Well I’m almost there with graduation, only 2.5 weeks to go! I’m working ass hard as I can, going to sleep for a couple of ours now and then I’ve to work further on my project! This period I hadn’t got time to shoot new outfits due to the busy school period but I can finally show you a new one! For now I’ve this new sneak peek of this new outfit which will be online tomorrow! Showing you this new top in combination with my always beloved obsession with denim! Can’t wait to hear what you allready think of this new look and don’t to check out the full outfit tomorrow!

Sleep well people :)!

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Inspiration trend | Sporty Mesh



Dear readers,

Yess, I’m still here! These last few weeks has been so busy and fully booked with my graduation project! I didn’t even had time to post something new and to be onest, I didn’t had the energie. I’m only posting when I feel creative and when I think that I’ve to share something with you all, not because I’ve to! It has been a while but here is a new inspiration trend post! For this new trend, I got inspired by my graduation photoshoot which I had to style, it’s ok to show some skin | Sporty Mesh! Have a look :)!

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| Photo’s =- 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. |

Wanna Have, Where To Buy | Vintage Levi’s Jeans



Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? Only 5 more weeks to go and then I hope to say that I’ve offcially graduated my parttime studie Fashion Styling at Academie Artemis in Amsterdam! These weeks are fully packed for me because I still have to do a lot. This week I will be mainly focussing myself on my photoshoot which is inspired by my concept! It has been a while since I styled a shoot because I was busy with graduating and other things for school! I can’t wait to share the end results with you! For now I’ve this new Wanna Have, Where To Buy post! Where to find the perfect vintage Levi’s Jeans, one of my favorite jeans! Hope you like it :)!

I wrote this post because I always get a lot of comments about where I bought my vintage Levi’s Jeans! As you might now I work as a Sales Stylist at the Levi’s Store in Breda. When I started there I found my love for denim and especially Levi’s! Mostly I wear highwaisted jeans, because I love how it gives you that more waist and it comfy to work in! That’s why one of my favorite pair of jeans are the 501 and 505! Highwaisted old skool mom jeans fit! But were to find them? I’ve selected some of my favorite stores, markets and online spots to find your perfect pair of vintage Levi’s!

Vintage Stores 

I really a good vintage store or markets, especially with a lot of denim and bohemian items. My favorite ones,  Marbles Vintage, Think Twice (Belgium), Episode, Vintage Market IJ-hallen (only in Holland)

Online Marketplaces

If you know your size, another good place to look for a vintage jeans are Marktplaats (only in Holland) Asos Marketplace. I’ve found most of my vintage jeans online!

Reworked Jeans

You can finish your jeans in all kinds of ways, making it your own one of kind jean. That’s why I love the reworked jeans, turning a simple jean in something unique. You can find some really cool reworked jeans atAmsterdam Black Label,and Episode

IMG_1509 IMG_1471 IMG_1481

Outfit | A Short Break



Hi everyone,

It’s has been a while since I wrote a new blog. Last week has been full with work, dancingpractices every day and next to that I’ve to graduate withing a month so I’m quite stressed and excausted at the moment. I shot this look a week ago and wanted to post it earlier but didn’t had the time to even upload the photo’s! When I finally had time to see the photo’s, well I wansn’t really happy! The photo’s were way to light and some were really blurred. But I really liked the look and since I don’t have that much time to shoot it again, I’m going to show to you anyway! Here it is :)!

I’m wearing a black flared fitted dungarees combined with a high neck striped creme and black top! When I saw these dungarees (for only 20 euro’s on sale, yesss) I had to have it! I like that it’s flared and has that seventies feeling! This time I have combined it with a more casual look but I would love to combine it another time more feminine, because its so versatile! Under that I’m wearing these creme coloured All Stars, choker necklace and this black sailor hat which I bought at the Sacha! I’ve to say that I’m having a love hate relationship with this hat. When I wear it I get a lot of cool compliments on it but when I see pictures I’m not always digging it!

So curious what you all think of this look! What do you think of the sailor cap trend, Yay or Nay? Let me know :)

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IMG_1736IMG_1769 IMG_1773 IMG_1793 IMG_1764 IMG_1776 IMG_1767

| Dungarees – H&M | Top – H&M | Shoes – All Stars | Hat – Sacha | Necklace – H&M Divided |