Sneak Peek | Late Summer


Dear readers,

How are you doing? All enjoying your weekend? I’m at a campside with my dance kiddies! That means not a lot of sleep, lauching, a lot of dancing and enjoying the lovely weather! For now I’ve this new sneak peek of this outfit which I shot a while ago! A bought this dress a year ago but still love to wear it! What do you allready think of this new look? You will also see my new sneakers in the full outfit post tomorrow!


Styling | #JustLikeUs

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Dear readers,

How are you all? I know I haven’t been blogging as frequently lately! I really wanted to pick up blogging and wanted to write more posts and grow High On Those Heels! But want do I really want with my blog? I’ve been thinking about it a lot, what I really want is to inspire people and get inspired by people with outfits and items! Creating your own unique style! I also want to show more what I love to do, styling people! For photoshoots, fashionshows but also styling other people, creating their own individual style! So let’s start doing that, a fresh start! Starting with showing the end results of my gradution shoot #JustLikeUs! Unfortunately I haven’t graduated yet but I really wanted to show it to you all! I’m so proud of it, thanks to an amazing team!

Would love to know what you all think of it!


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| Photographer – Robin Griffin | MUAH – Ellen van Berkel | Assistent – Nicoline Kranenburg |

Stylist – Vera van Wijnen |

Models – Rebecca Hopman | Bo Ingeborg ( Tulip Models)  | Amber Voss (Tulip Models)

Recap | Add a Flare


Hello everyone!!

Yess I’m back! After a long time off working hard on my graduation assignment and work and non blogging I’m ready for a come back! I had to put blogging on hold which as quite hard for me. Unfortunately my hard work hasn’t really payed off as much as I wanted since I’ve passed for my graduation. Now my summer holiday started so I don’t want to think about it anymore and focus on a time of relaxing and new adventures! Starting my come back with a recap from one of my favorite looks this year! Love the orange colour of the trousers mixed with this destroyed denim blue jacket! Hope you like it, check it out!

Kim helped me to style my hair, always love how she makes my hair look flawless! I’m wearing a striped fitted shirt combined with a orange coloured flared trouser! Over that I’m wearing a customised jacket from Levi’s, I think these items are matching perfect together! Under that I’m wearing black pair converse sneakers and these new awesome seventies look glasses from Polette! I don’t have to wear glasses but also love it because it’s a perfect accessoire for an outfit!

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| Shirt – H&M (here) | Jacket – Levi’s | Trousers – Topshop | Sneakers – Converse | Glasses – Polette (here) |

Sneak Peek | Almost There


Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? Well I’m almost there with graduation, only 2.5 weeks to go! I’m working ass hard as I can, going to sleep for a couple of ours now and then I’ve to work further on my project! This period I hadn’t got time to shoot new outfits due to the busy school period but I can finally show you a new one! For now I’ve this new sneak peek of this new outfit which will be online tomorrow! Showing you this new top in combination with my always beloved obsession with denim! Can’t wait to hear what you allready think of this new look and don’t to check out the full outfit tomorrow!

Sleep well people :)!

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Sneak Peek | Off Day


Hi everyone,

All enjoying your weekend? Well, I had the afternoon and evening off but unfortunately had to spend it different then I had planned! Last monday I had a low back pain, haven’t rested a lot because I had to dance a lot this week! During my danceclasses this morning the pain got quite heavy so I layed almost the whole day on the couch resting, bummer! But I really wanted to shoot this look so I dressed up and shot this new look with my mom! Now I’m going to show this little sneak peek, tomorrow the full look will be online!

What do you think so far? Would love to know and dont forget to check out the full look tomorrow :)!

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Sneak Peek | Saturdays Casuals


Hi everyone,

All enjoying your saturday? Tonight I’m going to perform with my danceteam on a party! Always fun night with these girls, what are your plans? Next to that I also shot a new outfit today! Tonight I’m only going to show you a little sneak peek of it! I always love a casual and comfy look for the weekends! What do you allready think of this sneak peek? Let me know and offcourse don’t forget to check out the full look tomorrow on the blog!

Enjoy your night everyone 🙂

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Recap | February


Dear readers,

Bye bye February, Hello March! February is allready over, I think time goes so fast lately! I did had a fun February celebrating my birthday, lots of other birthdays, carnaval and other fun days with friends and family! February was a quiter month for me so I used my spare time to catch up with a lot of friends! I also showed you all some new outfits which I will show you again in this recap! All totally different looks but wearing my favorite and beloved denim!

Which look was your favorite? Love to hear :)!

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IMG_0787-1024x683 z-2

| Outfit – Wedgie |

IMG_0886-1024x683 IMG_0845-1024x683

| Outfit – Rock Chick |

IMG_1097-1024x683 (1) IMG_0988-1024x824 (1)

| Outfit – Retro |

Recap | Dress Night


Dear readers,

How are you all? I’m still tired from last weekend celebrating my birthday! Celebrated it for 3 days and loved every second of it! Off course I wore a festive outfit on my day off and official birthday day! I allready showed this look last year in September so today I’m recaping this floral look! I wore a floral printed dress combined with some black suedine overknee boots! I’ve accessoirized it with a fringed suedine bag and these brown old school glasses form Polette!

What do you think of this look?

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| Dress – H&M (here| Boots – H&M (similar here| Fringed Bag – Primark | Sunglasses – Polette | (hereWatch – Fossil |

Styling | Zibaa Bags


Sweet readers,

A while ago I was asked to model the new bags of this new bag brand Zibaa!

Zibaa a Dutch brand born to become a bag for every kind women, that is more than just a bag. A zibaa bag with removable bottoms endless color combinations gives and so tuned can be styled with every kind of style and outfit!

All bags are made ​​of leather furniture . We distinguish rest leather and leather furniture , which is from a leather couch or chair. By this way of working, Zibaa contributes to a environmentally friendly production. In addition, all bags are made in a fair way . The bags are individually handmade in a workshop in the Netherlands.
Here much attention is paid to the quality the bags.
Check out the awesome collection on

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| Model – Vera van Wijnen | Designer – Zibaa Bags | Styling – Michelle Drent and Vera van Wijnen |