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Hi everyone,

Did you all had nice weekend? Yesterday I enjoyed a nice shopping afternoon with my boyfriend. He allready found 4 items in the first store we visited so that was a good start. Yesterday was the Glamourday in Holland ( you get 20% off when you show the glamourday issue ) and a lot of other stories also did 20% off so he shopped a lot. Later that day we shot a new outfit which I’m going to show you now! The weather is horrible here in Holland with a lot of rain and wind so we shot this new outfit under a covered spot. I really liked this casual monochrome look, hope you like it :)!

I’m wearing a black and white sleeveless striped blouse combined with my favorite highrise black jeans from the Levi’s. The fit of these jeans are great and you legs seem optical longer haha! Over that I’m wearing a loose fit boyfriend blazer because it’s still cold in Holland. What do you think of these cool lace up shoes? Love to combine them with all kinds of looks. To finisch this look i’ve accessorized this outfit with some gold jewelry, a faux leather black backpack and some red nailpolish.

I’m curious what you all think of this new black and white look! Love to hear :)

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IMG_6823 IMG_6836 IMG_6832 IMG_6822 IMG_6828 IMG_6835 IMG_6831

| Shirt – Zara | Jeans – Levi’s ( here ) | Jacket – Forever 21 ( here ) | Shoes – H&M ( here ) | Backpack – Pull and Bear ( here ) | Necklaces – H&M ( here ) | Earpings – Zara ( here ) |

Inspiration trend | Patchwork



Sweet readers,

How are you all? Enjoying a nice tv-night at club coutch with MC pillow and dj blanket, Whoop whoop! I need to relax a bit more so I also did a bit of shopping today haha. During my shopping spree I spotted a trend with immediatly fell in love with. A trend which you can also DIY ( do it yourself ) | Patchwork.

I think you will either really love this trend or you don’t. There are a lot of different patchworks, my favorite is the denim patchwork jeans! You can style patchwork with all kinds of styles. Wear it more chic with a suède patchwork skirt and a turtleneck sweater or make it more casual with a repaired denim patchwork jeans, white t-shirt and sneakers!

How would you combine this new trend? Let me know :)

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| Photo’s – www.pinterest.com |

Styling | Oversized



Hi everyone,

How are you all? I’m doing great and looking forward to the weekend like always haha. Hope to shoot some nice new outfits with my new items with I bought today! A while ago I did the styling for a fashionshoot which I can finally show to you all! The theme of the shoot was oversized. We wanted to shoot outside but It was raining so hard that we moved the shoot to the studio!

I’m curious what you all think of this new shoot! Love to hear :) Goodnight everyone!

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 | Model – Jasmina Toivonen ( Fondimodels Finland, 2Morrow Milano, Donnamodels Hamburg | Photographer – Dian Oostvogels | MUAH – Sophie Kennis | Styling – Vera van Wijnen |

Outfit |Shirt Dress



Hi sweet readers,

How are you all? After a busy week off a lot and a lot of homework I can finally relax and get some sleep ( which I allready did haha ) after a lot of short nights. One thing I really have to do is organizing my closet. I just have to much clothes but I only wear 50% of it. So going to sell some clothes, has anyone experience with selling their clothes in the Ijhallen in Amsterdam? I shot this new casual outfit sunday afternoon with a bright sunshine! Hope you all like it :)


I’m wearing a loose fit shirt dress combined with a grey/lilac thicker duster coat. I was looking for a shirtdress quite some time and then this shirtdress arrived in the store…. sold! Under that I’m wearing some knee-high socks which I’m liking more and more and some cut out booties. For the accessoiries and the sun was shing, my new www.polette.nl Kensington Sunnies. I want to wear these sunnies a day everyday so give me some sun! A black fedora hat and my faux leather bag pack.

I’m curious what you all think of this new look :)!

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IMG_6712 IMG_6724IMG_6728

IMG_6737 IMG_6732 IMG_6719


| Shirt dress – Levi’s  | Coat – Stylist Own | Sunglasses – Polette ( here )|

Backpack – Pull and Bear ( here ) | Shoes and Socks – H&M |

Outfit | 70’s Yellow



Hi everyone,

I can finally post a new outfit :) I was so busy with school and work that I hadn’t enough time to shoot my outfits. After this weekend I can relax and enjoy some spare time. Thank god that the days are getting longer longer so I’ve more time to shoot them after work. In this new outfit I’m showing you my new sunnies from Polette with a black outfit and a touch of yellow!

I’m so in love with my new round sunglasses from Polette! I wanted some 70’s look round sunglasses and I loved the silver lining ( you can buy it here )! I’ve combined it with a yellow sweater and a black vest. I saw another blogger combining a sweater with a vest and I really liked it, what do you think of this combo? Under that I’m wearing my black highwaisted jeans and some cut out booties!

Love to hear what you all think of this new look :)

IMG_6631 bewerkt IMG_6641 IMG_6656 IMG_6657 IMG_6654 IMG_6650

| Sweater – Only | Gilet and shoes- H&M | Jeans – Levi’s here| Sunglasses – Polette here | Bag – Zara |

Inspiration trend | Fringes



Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? Well I’m busy busy busy busy with a lot of school work.. Next week I’ve two deadlines so working hard to get done on time! Off course I always can find some time for a new post! This time an all new inspiration trend post highlighting the Fringes!

What is so awesome about this trend is that you can wear it in all kinds of items! Bags, jackets, tops and what I love the most skirt with fringes! You can wear a pencilskirt with fringe and combine it with a loose fit blouse for a chic look or make it more casual with a highwaisted jeans and shirt!

How would you style this awesome trend? Love to hear :)

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Photo’s – www.pinterest.com

Outfit | Casual with Denim


2015-03-15 20.42.10

Hi everyone,

Why do the weekends always go by so fast haha! I had a really busy weekend with a lot of homework. On Saturday we shot a few pictures for a school assignment. I had to shoot people who form a unity together. We had a lot of fun with my grandma, aunt and my mom. Today I gave a dance workshop for a festival here in Rijsbergen. Off course we found some time to shoot a new outfit! A casual look combined with some ripped denim. Hope you all like it :)

I’m wearing a white mullet top combined with a faux leather jacket. I bought this jacket for € 18 euro and that was the full price! Under that I’m wearing a 501 CT jeans from Levi’s and platform booties. And what do you think of my awesome backpack? I’m in love ♡

What do you think of this new look? Let me know :)

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2015-03-15 20.35.052015-03-15 20.36.04

IMG_6375 2015-03-15 20.45.00IMG_63732015-03-15 20.36.43

| Top – H&M | Faux Leather Jacket Forever 21 | Jeans – 501CT | Boots – Graceland | Backpack – Pull and Bear |

Inspiration trend | White Sneakers


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Hi guys,

If I say spring you say sun, spring, SUN, spring, SUN! I know this weekend isn’t really warm but hey, let’s stay positive! We put on our sunglasses, wear our summerdresses and show our legs after a bit of tanning I’m to hahaaa. Last week I’ve showed you all my favorite round sunnies ( here ) which is one of the biggest accessoiries trends for this summer. Now I’m showing you spring/summers most trendy shoes. Their bright, their sporty, The White Sneakers!

What I love about white sneakers is that the’re so summery and they can make a chic outfit more casual. Wear it with a ripped jeans and shirt for a sporty casual look or make it more chic with a a-line skirt and a white sweater. Make your outfit spring and summer ready with these awesome sneakers! I’ve selected a few of my favorite white sneakers which of course I wanted to share with you all! Which one do you like? Pick your favorite :)


1. Air Max 1 Essential € 134,99  ( buy them here )


2. Adidas Stan Smith € 94,99 ( buy them here )


3. Converse All-Stars White € 69,99 ( buy them here )


4. Vans Authentic € 64,99 ( buy them here )

Check out these awesome streetstyle looks for some inspiration

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Sneakers are all from www.pro-shoes.nl

Streetstyle Photo’s – www.pinterest.com















Outfit | Rib Shorts



Hi sweet readers,

How are you all? I’m doing great and I’m optimistic because it’s almost weekend again! Yesterday I went to my sweet friend Kim who is a haidresser. She had a nice suprise when she opened the door: A latte macchiato caramel ♡! On my next appointment I’m going to try something new with my hair so I will keep you all posted! For now I’ve an all new outfit. This time with my highwaisted 70’s shorts | Rib short. Hope you like it :)!

I’m wearing a white loose fit sweater combined with a highwaisted bordeaux rib shorts. I got these shorts in Antwerp during my birthday- shopping day with my boyfriend! Under that I’m wearing some overknee socks, cut out booties and off course my favorite fedora hat! At first I wasn’t sure about the socks under this outfit but after looking in the mirror I did really like it!

What do you all think of this new outfit? Love to hear :)

2015-03-12 21.33.03 20150308_105321 20150308_105336 20150308_105402 20150308_105429 2015-03-12 21.34.27

Sweater – Only | Rib shorts – Forever 21 | Socks and Booties – H&M | Bag – Pull and Bear here

Inspiration trend | Round Sunglasses




Well it’s monday again! I couldn’t enjoy yesterday’s sunny weather because I had to work… let’s there will be a lot more of these sunny days. It’s getting better and better every week… and I want summer haha! And what better item to use when the sun is shining then some new inspiration for this sunny trend: Round Sunglasses!

This 70’s model is fully on trend for the spring/ summer season! You can combine it with all kinds of different styles. Wear it with a Flared jeans and shirt or make it more chic with a pencil skirt and a shoulder blouse! Are you Sold and you wanna now were to buy these awesome sunnies? I’v selected my top 3 round sunnies from Polette! On trend glasses and sunglasses from good quality for a small price! I ordered the Kensington Grey last week and if you don’t like round sunglasses they have sunglasses in all shapes and colours so order your own Polette now here!

efe558b763d268893a6a54ca354f8eaa d47757ac1446513e042c67eafff01d29 e74777170c9629af8b07afe7bf0565c9 be031f2a063ea5d9fb873d41dd6b576d bf4aa91fa0f7797227647387acdce6cb 3256489bfb85948409fd26640a48c968 37dacdabaceb896b77cb324173132e64

Photo’s | www.pinterest.com

Polette Eyewear www.polette.com


1. Kensington Grey here


2. Mono Vanille here


3. Coachella Brown here