Outfit | Denim is the new black



Hi dear readers,

How are you all doing? Well only two more workdays and then it’s weekend again! A busy and fun weekend with on Saturday a fotoshoot and on Sunday I’ve a Daimant Weddingparty! I just saw that it will be nice and sunny weather this upcoming weekend so it will be a good one! Yesterday I allready showed you a little sneak peek of this new outfit so here is the full outfit! Since I work in a denim store so denim is as important for as the colour black which I love to haha! I hope you all like this new look :)!

For me denim is the new black! I’m wearing a loos fit denim look blouse combined with my favorite pair of 501 CT jeans! You can combine these jeans with every outfit. The jeans are inspired by the original 501 classic jeans but there custom tapered what means that the legopening is smaller for a more boyfriend – and modern fit! Under that I’m wearing these heeled sandals from Sacha and a black fedora hat!

Hope you all like it! Love to hear what you think :)

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IMG_8254 IMG_8260 IMG_8280 IMG_8234IMG_8281 IMG_8258 IMG_8262 IMG_8244 IMG_8230 IMG_8231

| Blouse – LEVI’S here | Jeans – LEVI’S here | Lace bra – H&M here | Heels – SACHA here | Hat – H&M |

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Sneak Peek | Denim is the new black



Hi sweet readers,

A new week has started! Yesterday I had a nice day off to prepare myself for a busy but fun week! I will tell you more about that tomorrow but for now I’ve this a little sneak peek of tomorrow’s new outfit! We shot this new outfit this evening. It’s all about denim in this new look. Curious about the full outfit? You will have to wait until tommorrow, so don’t forget to check it out then! Goodnight everyone :)!

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Outfit | Sun And Rain



Hi readers,

Did you all enjoy your Sunday? I had a nice day off which we spent well shopping for some clothes for a party next week! Today started warm with a nice sun but ended with a lot of rain, always the same story in Holland haha! So we decided to warm up with a nice pizza diner, yummm! I was also happy that I putted on some long trousers for today’s outfit which I also going to show you now! I’ve combined some black items with this new coat that I purchased in the Sale! Hope you all like this new look :)

A perfect outfit for this on and off rainy weather. I’m wearing a black spaghetti top combined with this new khaki duster coat! I really wanted a nice green coloured jacket because I think that khaki colours perfect with my brown hair! So I had to have this coat which I saw at the H&M. I’m wearing it oversized because there was only a 42 size but I actually really like the fit, what do you think? Under that I’m wearing a black suit pants, some denim look slip ons and my all time favorite faux leather backpack!

I’m so curious what you all think of this new look! Have a nice sunday evening :)!

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| Blazer Jacket – H&M here | Top – ZARA | Suit pants  – H&M hereBackpack – PULL AND BEAR similar here | Necklace – LUZ here |

Outfit | Come in Two



Goodafternoon sweeties,

All enjoyed the lovely weather today? I had to work this afternoon so I enjoyed the sun this morning and afternoon. We also did a free outside bootcamp together with my sister and two friends. I’ve to say that we worked our ass’s off but really enjoyed it! At the bootcamp you work individual, duo and with the whole team in all kinds of different excersises! So were almost bikini ready now for my upcoming holiday in August! For now I’ve this new outfit which I’m excided to show to you all! Hope you all going to like this perfect paired outfit :)!

Sometimes when you mix to items to make the perfect mix, that’s what I had with this new outfit! I’m wearing a creme coloured ribbed crop top combined with a army green fitted midi skirt. These tops are perfect to combine with al kinds of outfits! Under that I’m wearing these basic black sneakers and off course a pair of sunnies from Polette!

What do you tink of this mix? Love to hear :)

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| Crop top – Forever 21 (here) | Skirt – H&M (here) | Sneakers – Blink | Backpack – Pull and Bear (similar here) | Sunglasses – Polette (here) |

Inspiration trend | Septum Piercing

septum 12


Hi everyone,

How are you all? I’ve enjoyed a nice day off at home. Well, I didn’t sat still because I did some chores. One of them was cleaning out my closet. I’ve a lot of items which I buy but then only wear it ones of twices haha! So going to sell a lot of clothes soon, maybe I will sell them at the Ij-hallen fleemarket in Amsterdam. For now I’ve this new inspiration and I’m really curious what you all think of this trend! A piercing trend which became one of the hottest trends of 2015 | The Septum Piercing

I still don’t really now what to think about this trend. This trend gives every outfit that bit of spunk for a more tougher look! You can wear it with a  boho look flared pants, cropped top and half top knot. Or make it more more chic with a fitted lace dress and statement necklace! I ordered myself a faux septum nose cuff which I will show to you all soon! I’ve selected some of my favorite outfits with this outstanding trend!

Which look is your favorite? Pick your favorite :)

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septum 1 septum 2 septum 3 septum 4 septum 5 septum 6 septum 7 septum 8 septum 9 septum 10 septum 11 septum 12 septum 13 septum 14 septum 15 septum 16 septum 17 septum 18 septum 19 septum

All photo’s – www.pinterest.com

Outfit | Swing Dress



Hi dear readers,

All enjoyed this nice sunnie saturday? Today I had to work but yesterday I had a nice day off! I went with my sister and sister in law to Antwerp. Off course we did a little shopping, duhh but also had some drinks and enjoyed the nice weather! It’s Solden now in Antwerp which is from 1 July till 31 July. I bought a denim skirt and top for only 20 euro’s, nice! I also wore a new outfit which I’m going to show you know! A summery outfit with this new boho look dress! I hope you all like it :)

I’ve this thing lately with the bohemian style! I’m wearing a A-line embroidered creme dress combined with a light denim jacket. I’m wearing this jacket two sizes to big because I like the loose fit more. Under that I’m wearing my all time favorite cut out booties and these sunnies from Polette!

I’m curious what you all think of this new outfit! Let me know :)

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IMG_8123 IMG_8131 IMG_8134 IMG_8167IMG_8171 IMG_8127 IMG_8182 IMG_8161 IMG_8128 IMG_8156IMG_8147

| Dress – Zara | Jacket – Levi’s  (here) | Boots – H&M | Sunglasses – Polette (here) |

Inspiration trend | Bralette

brallette.jpg 16


Sweet readers,

We had some cold, cloudy and mostfully rainy days these last 4 days. These days are awefull to shoot some outfits so you have to wait for a dry moment or shoot it another day. I do have to say that the plants were very happy with the rain but now the sun can shine again! This new inspiration is perfect for the uprising tempatures! It’s a summery trend which I think some people may think it’s a bit to sexy but I love it | The Bralette!

A daring trend but a trend which you can down dress a lot with some basics and simple casual items! You can style it in a sexy seventies style with a crochet bralette combined with a highwaisted mom jean. Or make it more bohomian style with some destroyed shorts, bralette and kimono. What I also love is wearing a bralette under a low cut t-shirt or wear it over a blouse during fall or spring time, you can wear it in so many different ways! I think I would wear this trend mostfully when I’m on a holiday in a warm and tropical country because I think Dutch people who aren’t into fashion may think that I forgot my shirt! I’ve selected some of my favorite streetstyle looks with this summery trend.

Which outfit is your favorite and how would you style this new trend? Pick your favorite :)

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7c9a742201e233991f49d7776fa51d6abrallette 7 brallette brallette.jpg 2 brallette.jpg 3 brallette.jpg 4 brallette.jpg 5 brallette.jpg 6 brallette.jpg 8 brallette.jpg 9 brallette.jpg 10 brallette.jpg 13 brallette.jpg 14 brallette.jpg 15 brallette.jpg 16 brallette.jpg 17

Photo’s all - www.pinterest.com

Outfit | It Fits Me




Goodafternoon everyone,

It’s monday again, the start of a new week! I hope to enjoy a bit more free evenings and days. So hope to go shopping this upcoming Friday in beautifull Antwerp! Antwerp still feels like a second home, a few go I’ve lived there for a half year. Last weekend we shot this new outfit which I allready showed you in a little sneak peek! I’m so curious what you all think of this new look! Check it out :)

It was a nice and sunny day so bare legs it is! I’m wearing a dark grey denim look skirt combined with a loose fit khaki top. I found this skirt while cleaning out my closet. I love the tight fit of this skirt but when I was jumping on the trampoline I accidentally ripped it! Only the split ripped so I can fix it and thank god it ripped it hasn’t ripped to far haha! Under that I’m wearing these awesome heels from Sacha and these sunnies from Polette!

Hope you all like it! Love to hear what you think :)

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IMG_8099 IMG_8103IMG_8105IMG_8112IMG_8096IMG_8104IMG_8100

| Top –  Zara (here) | Skirt – Bershka | Heels – Sacha (here) | Sunglasses – Polette (here) | Jacket – Levi’s |

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Sneak Peek | It Fits Me



Hi everyone,

All enjoyed a nice weekend off? Tomorrow it’s my mom and my aunts birthday so we celebrated it today with the family! At first I had to perform with my dance team again with the living doll act, still love that act!We also had some time to shoot an outfit again so let’s end this weekend with a little sneak peek of tomorrow’s new outfit! A fitted silhouet combined with a loose fitted top. Wanna see more of this new look? It will be online tomorrow, so don’t forget to check it out tomorrow! Sleep tight sweeties!

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Outfit | Old Skool



Hi sweeties,

It’s almost friday again and we all know what that means…weekend! Going to enjoy a free friday night with my colleagues! I’m going to bake a pandan cake, a green cake with a base from coconut milk, so delicious! Offcourse I will share the cake on instagram so don’t forget to check it out Instagram! For now let’s start this almost weekend with a new outfit! We shot this outfit this afternoon in Belgium. An old skool outfit with a nice sunglow on my face! I’m curious what you all think of this new look :)!

The afternoon sun was perfect for this outfit! I’m wearing a yellow spaghetti crop top combined with one of my favorite Levi’s jeans, 505 vintage jeans which I purchased at the Think Twice in Antwerp. Hope to find another pair soon in that vintage shop. Under that I’m wearing my nude coloured converse sneakers, tattoo-necklace and these new sunnies from Polette! I’m wearing the model Enigma Black, I’m in love!

What do you think of this new old skool outfit? Love to hear :)!

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| Top – Forever 21 (similar here) | Jeans – Think Twice | Sneakers – Pro | Sunglasses – Polette (here) | Tattoo Necklace – New Look |