Sneak Peek | Jewelry Shoot



Hi everyone,

Are you all ready for this 2016? I’m on my way to Amsterdam with a lot of delay so hope to be there soon for a fun party! What are your plans for this last day of 2015? Tonight I’m showing you a little sneak peek of this shoot which I styled a while ago! We worked with a lot of different jewelry and themes for this shoot! I can’t wait to hear what you allready think of this sneak peek and don’t forget to check out the full serie soon on the blog!


Inspiration trend | NYE


Dear readers,

Did you all enjoyed your chrismas? We had some lovely dinners with the family were we had a lot and a lot of food haha! I also had a fun night out with my friends! That was a fun weekend but there is allready a new fun night out planned, New Years Eve! This year I’m going to celebrate is in Amsterdam, who doesn’t love Amsterdam! So for this new inspiration I got inspired by New Years Eve! That means a lot of sparkle and cool outfits! Hope you all like it :)!


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Outfit | It’s Christmas time



Hi dear readers,

Merry christmas to you all! Are you all enjoying this first christmas day? I had a lovely chrismas dinner at my uncle and aunt with the whole family! I always love those days with the family laughing and sharing fun stories! We also had some time to shoot my first christmas look! At christmas I think lace and knits and off course a nice touch of lipstick! Have a look, Hope you like it!

Loving this comfy chrismas look! I’m wearing this long hairy knit sweater! I bought it 4 sizes to big so that I can wear it as a dress. I’ve combined it with a long skirt with a lace trim! Under that I’m wearing my all time favorite black suedine overknee boots and a large black clutch bag with gold detail for a festive look!

IMG_0255 IMG_0261IMG_0254IMG_0311IMG_0266IMG_0252IMG_0305 IMG_0278

| Sweater – Primark | Skirt – Primark | Overknee Boots – H&M | Bag – Zara | Necklace – H&M |


Wanna Have, Where to Buy| Christmass Sale Wishlist



Sweet readers,

Christmas is almost here! This time is my favorite time of year! Well I have to say that I’m missing the snow haha! I’m going to enjoy the fun diners with my family and hanging out with my friends! This new post is all about the christmas spirit because christmas time means also Sale time! I picked some of my favorite items which are on my christmas wishlist and made inspiration looks! Which look is your favorite? Love to hear :)!

Merry christmas to you all!



| Look 1 |

Bomber jacket – H&M Trend (mens)| Turtleneck Bodysuit -H&M Trend  | Skirt – Monki | Boots – Asos | Bag – Asos

naamloos-5 1

| Look 2 |

Turtleneck Sweater – Monki | Sleeveless Blazer – New Look | Jeans – Levi’s |Heeled Sandals – New Look | Bag -Asos |

Outfit | Warming Up



Hello everyone,

Why does the weekend always go by so fast! Yesterday I had a night out with te Levi’s team which was pretty wild! Today I went shopping with my sister, sister in law and my mother in Dordrecht! I had never been shopping there but it quite a large shopping street with a kinds of nice shops which I like! Yesterday we shot a new outfit which I can’t wait to show to you all! I’m really finding a new me lately trying out all kinds of looks to really define my own style! Hope you all like it :)!

Trying on and layering outfits I got to this combination which I really liked! I’m wearing a ochre yellow cardigan combined with a black sleeveless blazer! Under that I’m wearing a diy ripped jeans from Levi’s and my all time favorite flat fringed shoes! Also love this bag which I purchased a couple off years ago at the Primark!

I’m so curious what you all think of this new look! Love to hear :)!

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fall IMG_0186 IMG_0203 IMG_0214 IMG_0202 IMG_0222 IMG_0209 fall 1

Inspiration trend | Sleeveless Blazer



Hi dear readers,

All ready for a fun saturdaynight? We having a night out with the Levi’s team! We’re going bowling, out for dinner and a lot of drinks haha! A night out with the team is never boring! I also shot a new today which I will show to you all tomorrow! For now a new inspiration trend post which you can style perfect with the fall/winter layering trend | Sleeveless Blazer!

You can style trend with all kind of looks but I really like to combine it with the layering trend! You can combine it with a turtleneck knitdress with a sleeveless blazer combined with overknee boots. Or make it more casual look with a shirt or top and ripped jeans. I’ve selected some of my favorite streetstyle outfits with this trend!

How would you wear this trend? Let me know :)

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Styling | N(EX)T Collection



Hi everyone,

How are you all doing today? I watching one of my favorite shows of the year and I’m bedding that a lot of women are doing the same thing: The Victoria Secret Fashionshow! I love the theme’s they have every year, the beautifull lingerie and offcourse the amazing wings! Wish I could be on that runway haha! Tonight I’m showing you the results of a shoot which I styled together with m classmate Berdine just a few weeks ago! We are studying fashionstyling at Academie Artemis in Amsterdam. For school we’ve all kinds of fictive assignments which one of them was styling a photoshoot. We had to pick a fictive partnership between BenettonxEssent (Essent is a dutch energy company which we had to pick for a partnership with a brand). I’m so happy with the end results and the awesome team we worked with! We worked with photographer Gail Meijer and Willemijn Bos who made a super cool fashion campagne movie for us!

I would love to know what you all think of the results! Check it out:)

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02 03 04 05 06


| Female Model – Cherella Gessel | Male Model – Thomas Kik | Photographer – Gail Meijer | Video – Willemijn Bos | MUAH – Marsha Calori | Styling – Vera van Wijnen and Berdine de Gier


Outfit | Patchwork Jeans



Sweet readers,

Hell yeah, Weekend is here! I’m so in the mood for a partyweekend but have to wait till next weekend because I’m enjoying just a mellow saturdaynight on the couch. I had a busy week full with a school deadline. Tomorrow I’ve to be fit for an danceaudition! Next to fashion dancing is a big passion, performing in all kinds of styles but mostly jazz and modern! Soon I will write a more personal post about my passion for dancing. For now I’ve this new outfit which I can’t wait to show to you all! Because I live in a small farmer village we don’t have a lot of cool spots to shoot outfits but I kind of like this new location! Finally I’ve finished my DIY on these vintage Levi’s 501 Jeans! Hope you all like to :)!

I really love customizing so I really wanted to pimp a pair of Levi’s jeans! I ordered these patches a while ago but I hadn’t got time to put them on this vintage Levi’s 501 Jean. I’m wearing a washed black boyfriend shirt combined with my DIYed Levi’s 501 patchwork Jeans! Under that I’m wearing these burgundy coloured heeled boots from Sacha! I think the colour is perfect for the fall/winter season and there so comfy!

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this look! Let me know :)!

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IMG_0107 IMG_0110 IMG_0114 IMG_0102 IMG_0100 patchwork shoes patchwork full IMG_0171

| Shirt – Levi’s   | Jeans – Levi’s    | Boots – Sacha (here) | Necklace – H&M |

schoenen online

Inspiration trend | Winter Neutrals



Dear readers,

Christmas time is here! I love the christmas spirit with all the light, yummie chocolate Milk and candy, the christmas tree and most off all the love that everyone gives during the december christmas month! One of our traditions at home is to sit together on the couch on Christmas evening with pillows, blankets, nice hot chocolate and a cozy christmas movie, what about you? Well enough about christmas, here is a new inspiration trend! Showing you this new trend which is inspired by the upcoming winter and it’s neutral and light colours | Winter Neutrals! Check it out :)!

I’ve to say, I think that is one of the most hard trends to style and second, I don’t really like white jeans of trousers in fall winter time. You have to find a good balance in your outfit because it’s quite minimalistic and plain in colours but you can make your outfit a show stopper! You can wear a more urban casual look with a vintage highwaisted jeans combined with a light coloured chunky knit and coat or make it more street chic with a cropped suit pants, a pair of nude coloured heels combined with a light coloured turtleneck sweater! This trend is also perfect to combine with the layering trend! I’ve selected some of my favorite streetstyle outfits with this winter trend!

How would your style this trend? Would love to know :)!

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Outfit | Simple Things



Hi readers,

All enjoyed your weekend? Yesterday we was a festive day in Holland because it was Sinterklaas! Sinterklaas is the Santa Claus of Holland and makes a lot of children happy with gifts, chocolate letters and lots and lots of Spice nuts! I celebrated it today with my family bowling and we had a nice diner together! I really like these festive days and enjoy it as much as I can with my family! We also had a bit of free time today to shoot a new outfit! This outfit is perfect basic and simple look for sundays, simple is always right! Hope you like it :)!

I’m wearing a grey sweater from the Commuter Collection from Levi’s combined with my new Levi’s Vintage rib trousers! I love these new trousers there so cool and I also wanted a Levi’s trousers which isn’t from denim fabric! Over that I’m wearing my greyish/ light pink oversized coat. To finish the look I’m wearing these chunky fringed black shoes with a black backpack from Pull and Bear! 

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this new look, Let me know :)!

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| Coat – Men at Work | Sweater - Levi’s Commuter | Trousers – Levi’s Vintage |

Shoes – GracelandBackpack – Pull and Bear