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Who doesn’t love fashion? Well, I as a fashionblogger do! Behind each fashion garment is a designer. They get inspired and create a new collection every season. But how do they get inspired and what do they want to achieve with these collections? So I started this new blog item on the blog – The Designer Q&A – to ask questions to designers and learn more about fashion and their ideas. In this first Designer Q&A I interviewed a Slovenian fashion designer Dorotea Pospihajl to answer a few questions about here brand Dorotea P London. Her design focus is creating eclectic Middle Eastern garments with a European twist. Get inspired by this talented designer 🙂

1. How would you describe the style of your brand Dorotea P?

i like the idea of alternative living and lifestyle, if we think about a well designed and optimised living space i would like my garment to reflect the same reality. I think design equals problem solving.

Fashion design for me is a performance of functionality. When I design I think about the outfit that I would like to wear. It really comes down to design and not fashion. With your design you set the fashion.

2. Were do you find inspiration? 

I get inspired by people. Relations, they have with each other and with themselves. Interpretation of different personalities. I think psychology is a great place to find inspiration on a deeper level.

Also, the great source of my inspiration is the Middle Eastern culture. Their aesthetic and social environment.

3. Why did you moved to London to start your career?

For me, London was always the city that you could describe with two world freedom for expression. So many cultures in one place what could be better then that? You just walk trough Brick Lane to see traditional Indian ware, no need to go all the way to Mombai. 


Haute Couture Spring 2015

4. What difficulties did you face at the beginning of your career?

I guess that would be the language. Being comfortable with yourself and communication of your creative idea. When I look back it’s sort of funny, but it wasn’t back then.

5.  I saw that you did some collaborations with other brands, which one was your favourite collaboration?

I really enjoy collaborating with my dear friend Mahtab from Katayoon London. We always find different approaches to collaboration, apart from making beautiful imagery together, we are discussing the possibility of cowriting a book on fashion.

6.  How would you describe the Dorotea P women?

The collection is designed to accommodate the needs of an introspective individual, that is not looking for confirmation and recognition, approval. The post-modern society, with an ovel゚ow of informations and products, one can get lost very easily and forget what he really stands for. I based my company on the notion of the reminder of the uniqueness, simple aesthetics that are related to an alternative living in our society.


A/W Ready to Wear 15-16

7. Who are or who is your design heroes ? 

Gareth Pugh, always was. The fact that I had the opportunity to work with him, is one of the best things before establishing my own line.

8. Do you have any tips for other starting fashion designers?

Creative industry is an insane place. You need good intuition and intentions to guide you trough and enjoy the process.

9. What would you like to achieve in the future for your brand?

to design a socially aware collection that allows the space for self- expression and interaction with the garments, pursuit of an introspective life.

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