Outfit | Boho Holiday



Hi sweet readers,

Weekend is almost over again, this also means that my two week during holiday is almost over. Only one free day left which I’m going to use fully! I can’t believe that these two weeks, including my vacation to Tenerife, went by so fast. I’ve decided that 8 days are way to short for a vacation so next trip will be a lot longer haha! For now still enjoying the nice sun and weather in Tenerife were I wore a lot of new outfits which I’m dying to show to you all! This first look wearing this cute and summery dress combined with some bohemian style accesoiries! I’m curious what you all think :)

Under the dress I was still wearing my bikini so this look is perfect for a summer day by the beach! I’m wearing this cute white a-line boho dress. I fell in love with the embroidery when I bought it at the Zara sale! Under that I’m wearing these gladiator sandals from Sacha combined with some bohemian style bracelets, these big rings and my favorite canvas bag ‘ My kitchen is for dancing’ from Asos! This bag is so handy and you can put a lot in it! And what do you think of my new sunnies from Polette? The delivery men brought the sunglasses 5 minutes before we had to leave for our vacation so it was just in time!

What do you think of this first look which I wore in Tenerife? Love to hear :)

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IMG_8656 IMG_8664 IMG_8683 IMG_8680 IMG_8661 IMG_8684 IMG_8673

| Dress – ZARA | Sandals - SACHA (here) | Bracelets – PULL AND BEAR (similar here)| Sunnies – POLETTE (here) |

Rings – H&M (here) | Bag – ASOS |

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Sneak Peek | Made For Each Other



Dear readers,

Almost weekend again! We are enjoying our 2 last days in gorgeous and sunny Tenerife! I don’t wanna go home it so nice and warm here! So were enjoying these last days we lots sweet icecreams and a lot of sangria! Here is a second sneak peek of one of my Tenerife outfits! 2 totally different which are made for each other. Would love to what you allready think of this look, and don’t forget to see the full look next week!

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Sneak Peek | Boho Holiday



Dear readers,

How is life in rainy Holland? We had a nice sunny day and 32 degrees which we enjoyed laying on the beach! I’m still going to enjoy some sunny days here in Tenerife! I’m also wearing some new outfits which I will soon show to you all! For now I’ve this little sneak peek of one off these outfits! A bohemian look dress combined with some jewelry!

Curious about the full look? Then don’t forget to check out the full look soon on www.highonthoseheels.com :)

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Styling | 3 Theme’s



Hi sweeties,

All enjoying your weekend? Yesterday we arrived in sunny and warm Tenerife so were enjoying it! It’s 30 degrees and sunny weather! Today we walked by the boulevard in Los Cristianos! Off course I will show some new summer Tenerife outfits with you all soon! For now I’ve the results of a shoot schip I styled a while ago! We shot 3 totally different theme’s that day with an awesome team! I’m so so happy with the end result, all the photo’s are gorgeous! Check out Joyce her page for more awesome photo’s here

I would love to know what you all think of it! Let me know :)

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| Photographer – Joyce Djo| Model – Marianne Vink | MUAH – Nelie Bloembergen | Styling – By Me

Outfit | Yellow Is My Happy Colour


Hi sweeties,

How are you all doing? I’m enjoying every minute of my vacation! Yesterday I allready packed some clothes for our trip to Tenerife. I can’t wait to go and I hope all my clothes will fit in my suitcase haha (last year we had to pay extra because my suitcase was to heavy, oops) Today we wanted to have a nice day away, so we went to the Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen! We also shot a new outfit at the Zoo in a small and foresty path! I’m so curious what you all think of this new look :)!

A nice and comfortable look with a touch of yellow. I’m wearing a black loose fitted t-shirt combined with a yellow suit pants! I love this colour yellow, It gives me a summery feeling! Over that I’ve combined this black faux leather jacket perfect for a day like today! I’m also wearing these black cut out boots and one of my favorite Polette sunglasses! I’m wearing Kensington Grey unfortunatly it’s sold out but I’ve found the perfect similar looking sunnies similar here!

What do you think of this new look? Like the yellow suit pants? Let me know :)

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IMG_8633 IMG_8634 IMG_8638 IMG_8646 IMG_8647 IMG_8632

| Shirt – Levi’s | Faux Leather Jacket – Forever 21 (similar here) | Trousers – Monki (similar here) | Boots – H&M divided | Sunglasses – Polette (similar here) |

Inspiration trend | Printed Shorts



Hi dear readers,

It’s the most wonderfull time of the year, my two week during vacation finally started! Going to enjoy it friday in sunny Tenerife on the Canaric Islands! Can’t wait for the nice weather, sun and finally some time to relax and enjoy some spare time with my boyfriend! Off course I will share some summer outfits and nice vacation pics with you all! For now I’ve this new inspriration trend post! This will be the last s/s season inspiration trend of the year about bright summery prints | Printed shorts! Hope you all like it :) 

I bought some printed shorts myself so I wanted some inspiration for some cool outfits! One short to combine with all kinds of styles. You can wear it casual with a basic shirt and some sandals or make it more chic for a night out with button down blouse and high heels! I’ve selected some of my favorite streetstyle outfits with this bright trend!

How would you wear it? Love to hear :)

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| Photo’s |

Outfit | Plunge Dress



Hi everyone,

Better days are coming, They are called Saturday and Sunday! Weekend is here again, yeaaahh! Well I’ve to work on Sunday and I’ve a styling assignment tomorrow but after that I’m going to enjoy a 2 week during vacation! We’re going to nice and sunny Tenerife and I can’t wait! For now I’ve this new outfit which I allready showed you a little sneak peek yesterday! I always love wearing all black and I’ve combined it with a small detail of lace! Check out the full look :)!

When we were shooting this outfit it was starting to get really dark which turned into a crazy thunderstorm so we didn’t had a lot of time to shoot. I’m wearing a black fitted plunge dress combined with a small detail from a lace bra! I really liked this combo when I styled it and combined this layered necklace from Forever 21 with it! Under that I’ve combined these strapped black sandals for a more casual daytime look but If you combine this look with some heels, you can make this look more nighttime!

Can’t wait to hear what you all think of this new look :)

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a a1IMG_8459a3 IMG_8456 a2

| Dress – H&M | Lace Bra – H&M | Necklace – FOREVER 21 | Sandals – H&M DIVIDED | Sunglasses – POLETTE |

Sneak peek | Plunge Dress




Hi sweeties,

It’s almost weekend again and it’s going to be a productive one for me with work, some lost vacation shoppings and a styling assignment for a fashionshoot! Off course I tomorrow I will tell a lot more about that but for now I’ve a little sneak peek which I had to share with you all! I love outfits which you can wear day and night, especially when I’m on a vacation. An all black look (we all love black, even in summer) with a small lace detail for a feminine look! Wanna see more of the full look? Then don’t forget to check out the full outfit tomorrow :)!

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Inspiration Trend | Style your Swimwear

swimwear.jpg 20

swimwear.jpg 5

Hi readers,

All enjoyed your weekend? I had a long weekend off from saturday till today so enjoyed the nice sun a bit but also did an awesome styling assignment! Yesterday I went to Weert to do the styling for a fashionshoot. We worked with 3 awesome but very different theme’s and an awesome team. I allready showed one result of yesterday on my Instagram here, what do you think? I love doing styling because I love to style shoots, you get to meet a lot of new people and It’s so cool to see the end results! Offcourse I will share the other results with you all very soon! For now I’ve this new inspiration trend which I love to wear during the holidays! A look that you can wear from the beach to a nice diner | Style your Swimwear! Hope you all like it :)!

How can wear a look that you can wear to the beach but also for a nice diner? You can style this trend in all kinds off ways and that’s what is so fun about it! You can wear a swimsuit combine it with a palazzo trouser and a blazer jacket for a chique look. The swimsuit looks like a bodysuit or a tight top. Or make your outfit more casual sporty with a bikini top, a-line midi skirt and some sneakers. The bikinitop looks like a bralet or crop top which are both still hot this summer! I’ve selected some of my  favorite streetstyle looks with this new trend!

How would you style this summer trend? Love to hear :)!

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swimwear.jpg 3swimwear.jpg 5 swimwear.jpg 7 swimwear.jpg 8 swimwear.jpg 9 swimwear.jpg 10 swimwear.jpg 11 swimwear.jpg 13 swimwear.jpg 14 swimwear.jpg 15 swimwear.jpg 16 swimwear.jpg 18 swimwear.jpg 19 swimwear.jpg 20swimwear.jpg 22

Photo’s all pinterest

Outfit | Summer Giftbox



Dear readers,

How are you all doing? Did you all enjoyed this sunny weekend? I had a free weekend which I fully enjoyed with the nice weather and sun! Yesterday we went for a ride on the motercycle of my boyfriend. I’ve to say in the beginning I’m always a bit scared but after that I’m digging it haha! Today we had a nice bbq and shot this new outfit. This time I’m showing you some items with I got in the best filled giftbox which I ever got! I hope you all like it :)!

A few weeks I received this a big Summer giftbox from the Sacha! When I opened the box I was blown away off all the awesome gift which were in the box! I’m showing this blouse, sandals and lipbalm now in this new look! I’m wearing a grey loose fit Garcia blouse combined with my favorite 501 Levi’s shorts! I really like the fit off the blouse and it’s really comfy to wear with this warm weather! Under that I’m wearing these new gladiator sandals, and this faux leather backpack. I picked these sandals because I always wanted a nice pair of gladiator sandals! And what do you think of this handy lipbalm summer fruit from EOS? It’s 100% natural and 95% ecological!

What do you all think of summery items from my summer giftbox from Sacha? Love to hear :)

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IMG_8347 IMG_8353 IMG_8383 IMG_8405 IMG_8413 IMG_8370 IMG_8356 IMG_8392 IMG_8372 IMG_8378

| Blouse – Garcia (here) | Shorts – Levis (here) | Sandals – Sacha (here) | Backpack – Pull and Bear | Necklace – Forever 21 (here) |

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