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Hi there readers,

How are you all? Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I had some busy busy days with practicing my walk on the catwalk, presenting yourself on stage and wearing a gorgeous dress for the judges, yess I’m talking about the pageant which I participated in last weekend, Miss Beauty of Noord Brabant! This was my first pageant ever and I thought it would be nice to write something about this awesome experience and how I experienced it! Hope you like it 🙂

A more personal blogpost about the pageant! It all started when I got a message on facebook. I was casted for the Miss Beauty of Noord Brabant pageant! A pageant not only about outher beauty but also about inner beauty, personality and presenting yourself. After a fun casting day were we had an introducting, bikini and English question round, I was true to the finals! We had two workshop days filled with practicing self-presentation, the questions round, Choreography Catwalk, Fashion Show, Poses Show by walking and the openingdance. For each round, we had a different way of how to walk and pose for the catwalk. We had a learnfull practice with catwalkcoach Reggie, who is the King of the Catwalk and on heels haha!

And then it was Saturday 20th June, the day from the finaly for Miss Beauty of Noord Brabant! I had to teach four ours of danceclasses before I went to the final practice that day. We practiced all the rounds before we made ourselves ready with hair and make up for the show! We wore Blue (Miss Teen and Beauty of Noord Brabant) and Red (Miss Teen and Beauty of Zeeland) glitter tops for the openingdance and the introduction round! After that we had the bikini round were we showed our tropical bikini’s and fierce walk on the catwalk! After that my favorite round came, where I could finally wear my gorgeous dress from Super Star Dresses in Rotterdam! I had choosen a nude coloured dress from the Italian designer Jovani. I got some great and nice reactions on the gorgeous dress and how I looked, so sweet :)! We also did a question round in our pageant dresses, after that the jury went into deliberation. After some time they came back with the end results and called us on stage. At first the beauty’s of Zeeland were chosen, the Teen of Noord Brabant and then we, The Beauty’s of Noord Brabant, got the end results. They made a top 3, Miss Beauty of Noord Brabant, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up. I was called to com on stage and was a bit shocked but excited haha! After some nervous moments, I was called 1st Runner Up!! I’m so happy and proud of second place for my first pageant ever! I’m so gratefull and happy participating in this pageant and liked it so much that this won’t be the last pageant! You will see more of this pageant girl soon :)! Thank you Miss Beauty of the Netherlands!

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FB_IMG_1434904840537 FB_IMG_1435010724001 FB_IMG_1435010709297 FB_IMG_1435091296080 FB_IMG_1434870297037 IMG_20150621_225814 IMG_20150620_221723

Sneak Peek | Seen Green


Hi everyone,

Oww gosh only It’s almost there, the finaly of Miss Beauty of North Brabant! I’ve to say that the weeks before I wasn’t nervous at all. But now I’m getting to feel the pressure haha! Fingers crossed for Saturday, for the dutchies you can help me by voting true sms, sms: Poll Noordbrabant Vera to 3010 (noordbrabant aan elkaar) For now we shot this sneak peek yesterday! A more casual and simple look, casual but femine! Well, curiou about the full look? It will be online tomorrow, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Sleep tight everyone 🙂

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Styling | Lady


Hi sweet readers,

And then It was monday again.. Wow these weekend are going by way to fast! But this weekend will be a very fun weekend which I’m pretty nervous for. Saturday will be the big finaly for the Miss Beauty of Noord-Brabant, so excited! I’ve found the perfect bikini and a gorgeous dress, which makes me feel like a million dollars hihi! This pageant is one of best experiences that I’ve allowed to participate until now, fingers crossed! For now I’ve the results of this of a fashioshoot which I did the styling for a while ago.

We worked true a concept which the main colours: Cognac, Burgundy and Black combined with a lady like style, classy and chic! I’m curious what you all think of the end results :)!

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_DSC0002 _DSC0024 _DSC0035_DSC0041 _DSC0054 _DSC0064 _DSC0341 _DSC0345

| Model – Zoë van de Veeken | Fotograaf –  Marcel Vermey | Visagiste – Annemarie van Gestel | Styliste – by Me |

Recap| May


Hi There,

Bye Bye May, Hello June! Wow May went by so fast that I even forget to post the recap from April haha! I hope this month will bring us a lot of sunshine, cool outfits and of course It’s almost SALE time in the stores. We all know that means… Shopping whoehoe! For now this recap I’ve selected some of my favorite looks which I’ve showed you all in May!

Which one as your favorite? Let me know 🙂

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IMG_7600 IMG_7593

Outfit – I See Through You 

IMG_7560 IMG_7552

Outfit | That Seventies

shoot levi shoot levi 8

Outfit | Classic Levi’s

IMG_7694 IMG_7680

Outfit | Sunday Pink

IMG_7741 IMG_7725

Outfit | Yellow Wall

Sneak Peek | Dressed Relaxed


Hi everyone,

I’m in need of weekend again! I’ve a big deadline for school on monday so I’m stressing big time! So after writing this sneak peek It’s back to my homework. We shot this sneak peek today when the sun was shining bright, how I love the sun! A more dressy look but comfortable to wear. Curious about this new look? It will be online tomorrow, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Sleep tight everyone 🙂

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Event | Ilovefashionbloggers Blog Fair


Hi sweeties,

How are you all? I’m so busy with school, work, dancing, Miss Beauty of Noord Brabant pageant and blogging! Well, I can’t say No to anything, I don’t want to miss out on anything haha! This whole weekend I went to Amsterdam. On Saturday I went to the IJ-hallen for the first time! I went with a friend who also had lots of fun clothes, accessoiries and shoes which she didn’t wore, so we rented a stall and started selling! We had a blast and a lot, now we can buy some new stuff, yeahh! Yesterday I went to the MTV Blog Fair by Ilovefashionbloggers! Here is a glimps of this fun event :)!

After a long trip to Amsterdam, I finally arrived (2 hours to late with my hair ruined by the rain) at the Blog Fair. After a quick touch up and some help from sweet blogger Wendy, I used my ruined hair for a cool wet look, I was ready to go! Unfortunately I missed the Q&A and the presentation of the winner of the Best Upcoming Blogger Award 2015. I was glad to hear that Frederique of FAB le Frique won the award! She has worked so hard and really deserved this award, so congrats girl! After that I did a round along all fun stalls! There were a lot of cool brands like Tailor&Elbaz, Paul’s Boutique, Tigha, Fashionista, Hoop It Yourself, Yogha and many more. I had some nice chats with all the brands and met some inspiring people! It’s was also nice to get to know some new brands like Yogha and Hoop It Yourself were I also did a quick hoola hoop session myself and learned that I’ve found out that I’ve been hoola hooping wrong all my life haha! At the Blog Fair which were a lot bloggers who I knew threw Instagram and Facebook but which I hadn’t met in real life so it was nice to meet them in person! I had a nice chat with sweet Joy from Everday Escapism! Off course I wore a new outfit with I will share with you all soon!

Thank you Ilovefashionbloggers and MTV for this fun event :)!

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IMG_7753 IMG_7757 IMG_7786 IMG_7760

The pretty bags from Paul’s Boutique 
IMG_7761 IMG_7773

Sweat Collection and Yoga Mats from Jogha

IMG_7776 IMG_7778

Cool Mens and Women collection from Tigha IMG_7763 IMG_7764IMG_7766

Loved this awesome jacket from Tailor&ElbazIMG_7769

Tamara Elbaz en Maria Tailor with their gorgeous summer and preview winter collection from Tailor&Elbaz

| Selfie Time|


Lovely Bloggerbabes Wendy and Joy

20150531_170950FB_IMG_1433193285689IMG_20150531_234857 C360_2015-05-31-21-27-02-854

Selfie with lovely girls Maria and Tamara from Tailor&Elbaz