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Hi sweet readers,

It’s giveaway time!! I’ve teamed up with Polette eyewear and I’m giving away any (prescription) (sun) glasses of your own choice! There is something for everyone taste since they have over 900 frames! The glasses you choose can be prescription glasses/ regular glasses/ regular sunglasses or prescription sunglasses, you can choose! And good news for my international readers because you can also enter this give-away if you live in one of the countries that Polette delivers to. You can find the full list of the countries here were you can check whether your country is in there or not! I really liked these sunglasses with I ordered! The black with gold frame Perfecto and the brown ( similar here )!

How can you enter this giceaway?!
Follow the first 3 steps to enter this giveaway, but the others are optional. I’ll choose the winner at random, but if you also complete the optional steps, you’ll have a bigger chance since your name will be more in the random generator.
1 Follow High On Those Heels and Polette eyewear on Facebook
2 Follow veravwijnen on Instagram
3 Leave comment with your emailadress on this post which glasses you would like to win and why you could win it!
Extra entry!
4 Follow High On Those Heels on Bloglovin
5 Follow Polette Eyewear on Instagram
The giveaway will be open till Sunday 17th of may! I’ll contact the winner by email! Good luck everyone :)!
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Outfit | That Perfect Blouse wearing Polette Sunglasses Vogue B ( similar here )
Outfit | It Suits Me wearing Polette Sunglasses Kensington
Outfit | Shirt Dress wearing Polette Sunglasses Kensington

Can't wait to wear these awesome sunnies from @poletteeyewear ❤ you can order your own polette sunglasses now with 10% off using this code: Sunny! | Soon on |

Inspiration trend – Flower Bomb



Hi readers,

How are you all doing? Did you all had a nice Kingsday? I went with some friends to 538 ( a dutch radiostation ) in Breda. Despite the cold weather we had a lot of sun and we kept ourselfs warm with a lot dancing. Let’s hope that the tempatures are getting warmer because I this new inspiration, perfect for some nice sunny weather | Flower Bomb. I hope you like it :)

Let’s hope we can wear this fun trend soon! You can combine this trend with all kinds of styles. I love the bohemian chic way combined with a kimono and denim. Or you can make it more 70’s with a cropped off shoulder top and a wide leg trousers. How would you combine this summery trend?

I’ve selected some of my favorite streetstyle looks with this trend. Which one is your favorite look? Let me know :)

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Outfit | That Perfect Blouse



Good afternoon everyone,

Are you all enjoying your long weekend off? I had a busy but really fun day today! A while ago I was scouted for a beauty pageant called: Miss Beauty of North Brabant ( a province of the Netherlands ) casting for Miss Beauty of Noord Brabant! We had 3 rounds that day: Introduce, Bikini + Catwalk round. After the Bikini Catwalk I heard that I was through to the next round. Then we had to answer a question in English. I was also through with that round so I’m now a finalist for the Miss Beauty of North Brabant, So happy! It was a really nice day and I met a lot of nice girls. I’m going to end this sunday with a new outfit! I shot this new look when I meeted up with Wendy from the fashionblog! I’m curious what you all think of this new look :)

I think every girl has that one perfect item in her closet which she wants to wear every day. Well, here is that perfect blouse! I’m wearing a boyfriend fit denim look blouse combined with a black highwaisted jeans. This blouse is so comfortable and great to combine with a black or blue denim. To make the look complete I’m wearing these lace up flat shoes and this awesome black Furla bag! And what do you think of this cool Polette sunglasses?

Love to hear what you think of this new look :)

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IMG_7170IMG_7174IMG_7317IMG_7280IMG_7202 IMG_7194 IMG_7289IMG_7277 IMG_7336


| Blouse and highwaisted Jeans – Levi’s ( here )   | Shoes – H&M (here) | Bag – Furla (here) | Sunglasses – Polette (similar here)| Watch – Daniel Wellington (here)

Sneak Peek | That Perfect Blouse



Hi everyone,

Are you all enjoying your Saturday night? I’m going to relax and get some sleep because I’ve to be fit for tomorrow, for what I will tell you tomorrow :)! For now I’ve this sneak peek of this new outugt which I’m going to show you tomorrow! The full outfit will be online tomorrow, make sure you don’t miss it!

Goodnight everyone :)

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Outfit | Navy Girl



Hi sweet readers,

Whoop Whoop, Weekend is here! Going to enjoy a 3 day during weekend, ending it with Kingsday in Breda. But for now I’ve this new outfit which I’m going to show you! I’v a thing for Stripes lately and combined it with some of my favorite items! Hope you all like it :)

This time I’v combined this striped loose fit sweater combined with a white long sleeveless vest. I really like these kind of vests because you can combine them really well with t-shirts, sweaters but you can also wear it as a suit with a suit pants! Under that I’m wearing a indigo highwaisted Jeans and some cut out booties. These boots are still one of my favorite shoes in my shoe collection ( and I’ve a lot of shoes haha )

I’m curious what you all think of this new look! Let me know :)

IMG_7363 IMG_7368 IMG_7388 IMG_7390 IMG_7399 IMG_7386IMG_7396

| Sweater – Zara ( here ) | Vest – H&M ( here ) | Highwaisted Jeans – Levi’s ( here ) | Shoes – H&M divided |

Designer Q&A| Dorotea P

doroteaplondon-0268 copy

screen shot 2015-02-17 at 171048

Goodmorning everyone,

Who doesn’t love fashion? Well, I as a fashionblogger do! Behind each fashion garment is a designer. They get inspired and create a new collection every season. But how do they get inspired and what do they want to achieve with these collections? So I started this new blog item on the blog – The Designer Q&A – to ask questions to designers and learn more about fashion and their ideas. In this first Designer Q&A I interviewed a Slovenian fashion designer Dorotea Pospihajl to answer a few questions about here brand Dorotea P London. Her design focus is creating eclectic Middle Eastern garments with a European twist. Get inspired by this talented designer :)

1. How would you describe the style of your brand Dorotea P?

i like the idea of alternative living and lifestyle, if we think about a well designed and optimised living space i would like my garment to reflect the same reality. I think design equals problem solving.

Fashion design for me is a performance of functionality. When I design I think about the outfit that I would like to wear. It really comes down to design and not fashion. With your design you set the fashion.

2. Were do you find inspiration? 

I get inspired by people. Relations, they have with each other and with themselves. Interpretation of different personalities. I think psychology is a great place to find inspiration on a deeper level.

Also, the great source of my inspiration is the Middle Eastern culture. Their aesthetic and social environment.

3. Why did you moved to London to start your career?

For me, London was always the city that you could describe with two world freedom for expression. So many cultures in one place what could be better then that? You just walk trough Brick Lane to see traditional Indian ware, no need to go all the way to Mombai. 


Haute Couture Spring 2015

4. What difficulties did you face at the beginning of your career?

I guess that would be the language. Being comfortable with yourself and communication of your creative idea. When I look back it’s sort of funny, but it wasn’t back then.

5.  I saw that you did some collaborations with other brands, which one was your favourite collaboration?

I really enjoy collaborating with my dear friend Mahtab from Katayoon London. We always find different approaches to collaboration, apart from making beautiful imagery together, we are discussing the possibility of cowriting a book on fashion.

6.  How would you describe the Dorotea P women?

The collection is designed to accommodate the needs of an introspective individual, that is not looking for confirmation and recognition, approval. The post-modern society, with an ovel゚ow of informations and products, one can get lost very easily and forget what he really stands for. I based my company on the notion of the reminder of the uniqueness, simple aesthetics that are related to an alternative living in our society.


A/W Ready to Wear 15-16

7. Who are or who is your design heroes ? 

Gareth Pugh, always was. The fact that I had the opportunity to work with him, is one of the best things before establishing my own line.

8. Do you have any tips for other starting fashion designers?

Creative industry is an insane place. You need good intuition and intentions to guide you trough and enjoy the process.

9. What would you like to achieve in the future for your brand?

to design a socially aware collection that allows the space for self- expression and interaction with the garments, pursuit of an introspective life.

Wanna see more of Dorotea P London? Check out here website and new collection on

Instagram - Facebook – Twitter

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| Photo’s – |

Outfit | It Suits You



Hi everyone,

Did you all had a nice weekend? I had a really busy but fun weekend! Saturday I went to Utrecht to meet up with Wendy from the blog It was so nice to see her again! I met Wendy at Fashionweek last year when I won here giveaway.  We had some drinks and ate something while catching up with each other. She showed me some nice places in Utrecht, were we off course shot some new outfits which I’m going to show you one now :) Hope you like it :)

When I was cleaning out my closet I found these awesome suit pants again! Sometimes I forget what I have in my closet haha. I’m wearing a black turtleneck top combined with a black dustercoat. I love these dustercoats because the’re really comfortable and you can combine them with every outfit! It was also quite sunny that day so I putted one my favorite sunnies from Polette! Under that I’m wearing a camel coloured suit pants and my black mens shoes.

Well, what do you think of of this new look? Let me know :)

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IMG_7153 IMG_7055 IMG_7163 IMG_7066IMG_7109 IMG_7098 IMG_7078IMG_7148 IMG_7147

| Turtleneck top – New Look ( here ) | Suit Pants – H&M ( similar here ) | Coat – Primark | Sunglasses – Polette ( here ) | Shoes – H&M ( here ) |

Outfit | Black & Blue



Hi sweet readers,

Only one day and then it’s weekend! On Saturday I’m going to Utrecht to meet up with Wendy from the fashionblog We wanted to meet up for a long time but were both really busy. It’s so nice to see here agian :) For now I’ve this new outfit which I shot on Tuesday when it was 20 degrees. I’m so happy that the weather is getting better and warmer day by day! So putted on my light coloured jeans and combined it with one of my favorite colours, Black! Hope you like it :)

I’m wearing a black loose fit shirt combined with a light destroyed 501 CT jeans from the Levis. You can wear your 501 Ct jeans in 3 different ways, down sized, true to size or upsized. I’m wearing this pair upsized because I wanted to wear it a bit highwaisted and loose. Under that I’m wearing some new beige converse sneakers, there so comfy, and a black duster coat. And last but not least, I putted on my round 70’s inspired sunnies from! You can order a lot of other sunglasses but also glasses, high quality for low price!

2015-04-16 22.32.422015-04-16 22.57.41


IMG_6985 2015-04-16 22.57.01 IMG_6981 IMG_6990-1

| Top and 501 CT jeans Levi’s ( here ) | Coat – Primark | Converse Sneakers – Pro shoes ( here ) | Sunglasses – Polette ( similar here )

Inspiration trend | Culottes Trousers



Hi there,

How are you all doing? Sunday I did the styling for a shoot in Rotterdam. This time we worked with a lot of clean and white items combined with some black and nude touches in the make up and accessoirries. I’m curious about the end results and off course I will show them on the blog!  For now, I’ve this new inspiration trend post! I styled these trousers for the shoot and instantly fell in love with it : The Culottes Trousers!

At first I didn’t really now what to think of this new trend. But after seeing on other people I tried it on and I actually really like it! You can wear this trend with a lot of different styles. You can combine it with a high neck cropped top and heels for a chic and classy look or make it a bit more casual with a big knitted sweater. How would you combine the culottes?

I’ve selected some of my favorite streetstyle looks with this trend. Which one is your favorite look?

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Outfit | Spring Forest


2015-04-11 21.59.03

Hi everyone,

Are you all enjoying your weekend? I went to Rotterdam this afternoon for a birthday with a lot ( really a lot ) of Kids hahaa! I’m now on my way to the Mexican theme party of my friend Kim! But first this new outfit post! We shot this green and black look when we were walking in the forest. I’m curious about what you all think of this look!

I’m wearing a green parka jacket with embroidery on the back combined with a black spaghetti top. I bought this jacket during a day trip to Londen! Under that I’m wearing my favorite black highwaisted jeans from the Levi’s and my number one favorite back of this moment, this black faux leather backpack!

What do you think of this green look? Let me know :)

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2015-04-11 22.01.382015-04-11 22.02.13

IMG_6954IMG_69512015-04-11 21.59.57IMG_6948

| Top – Zara | Highwaisted Jeans – Levi’s | Jacket – Primark | Boots – Graceland | Backpack – Pull and Bear |