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Sweet readers,

All enjoying a your Saturdaynight? Mine is pretty mellow, just a relaxing night on the couch with mc pillow and dj M&M, best party ever! Last week has been a productive week. I’ve to travel three times this week to Amsterdam, two photoshoots and a schoolday. I had quite some new styling assignments lately which I will share the end results with you all soon on the blog! It’s so cool to see the end results after a long shooting day! I also met up with a dear friend of mine, one of my closest friends, Kim! Kim is my hairdresser and has her own business Horizon Coiffures, which also dyed my balayage! She made a yummy healthy breakfast for me and we also had some time to shoot this new outfit! She did a great job and next she will be also style my hair! For now this new look, an all black look with a touch of colour! Hope you all like it :)!

I love summer time because it gives you a lovely summerglow. I’ve quite a pale skin so during wintertime I’m Vera aka Snowwhite. Kind of digging this nickname, after all she is a princess! I’m wearing an vintage striped turtleneck sweater combined with a black sleeveless blazer. I really like to combine this sleeveless blazer, also perfect to match with the layering trend! Under that I’m wearing my customised high rise skinny from Levi’s and these fringed lace up shoes!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this look :)!

IMG_9965IMG_9970 IMG_9983 IMG_9998 IMG_9951 IMG_9989 IMG_9981

| Sweater – Vintage | Gilet – H&M | Jeans – Levi’s | Shoes – Graceland | Bag – New Look | Necklace – H&M |

Sneak Peek | Hello Snowwhite


IMG_9983 IMG_9985

Hi everyone,

How are you all? I’ve a busy week with some shoots, school and work. Yesterday I had an awesome shoot with a jewelry theme with an awesome team, I can’t wait to see the end results. Today I met up with my dear friend Kim, she is my hairdresser and one of my closest friends. She made a yummie breakfast for me and we also shot a new outfit this morning. For now  I will show a little sneak peek from this new look. Loved this black look combined with some colourfull items. Would love to know what you allready think of this look? Let me know and offcourse don’t forget to check out the full look soon on the blog!

Sleep tight everyone :)

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Outfit | Dare it, Flare it



Dear readers,

All enjoying a free weekend? I’m enjoying my free weekend with some relaxing also going to enjoy a fun night out later tonight! Tomorrow I’m going to spend my Sunday with a big sweater, leggings, warm socks on the couch, sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! Today I also finally shot a new outfit. It has been such a hectic and busy time lately so I’m happy to show you all a new one! Loving the flared jeans lately and adding some fall colours with it | Dar it, Flare it!

Lately I’m trying out some new items to see of they fit me or not, like the flared trousers! I’m wearing a black/ dark blue loose fit sweater and rusty coloured flared trouser. I bought this trouser at the Topshop in Amsterdam, I really like the colour with matches perfect with the fall colours at the moment! Under that I’m wearing these new heeled anke boots from Sacha! There quite high but really comfortable to walk on. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the match with the trousers and shoes but I kind of like it!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this look! Love to hear :)

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IMG_9849 IMG_9858 IMG_9889b flare 2IMG_9857 IMG_9894 IMG_9890 IMG_9865

| Sweater – ONLY | Trousers – TOPSHOP | Boots – SACHA | Necklace – H&M |

Styling |Graphic



Dear readers,

How are you all doing today? I had a day off which I spend in Utrecht meeting up with sweet Wendy from the blog wendyvansoest.com. I met her for the first time when I won a giveaway on her blog for Amsterdam Fashionweek! Since them we’re meeting uo frequently, always fun times with her! For now I’ve the results of a shoot which I styled a while ago! We shot this shoot during summer time but the weather was terrible! We worked with the theme Graphic, black and white prints combined together with a graphic location. I’m so so happy with the end result, thanks to this awesome team. Check out Dian (photographer) her page here!

I would love to know what you all think of the results! Check it out:)

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_DSC0842 _DSC0850 _DSC0877 _DSC0894 _DSC0944_DSC0967_DSC1006FB_IMG_1447886442963

Inspiration trend | Tomboy



Sweet readers,

All enjoyed your weekend? Mine went by way to fast, as always but also up for an exciting week including my bloggerdate with sweet Wendy from the blog Wendy van Soest! Can’t wait to meet up with her again and shooting some new outfits! For now I’ve this new inspriration trend which I’m kind of digging at the moment | The Tomboy Look.

I think a lot of men don’t like this trend as much as the ladies because this trend is quite menly. What I like to do with this trend is combining some key feminine touches, like red lipstick, to make it a more tomboy meets feminine look! That’s why this trend is so versatile. Wear a loose chunky knit combined with a mom jeans and some broques for the all time comfortabel look or make it more feminine with a womens suit, simple T-shirt, dark red lips and some heels!

How would you wear this trend? Let me know :)

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Recap | It Suits You



Dear readers,

Almost weekend again, what are you all up to? I’m going to enjoy a lazy Saturday and on Sunday I’m off to Amsterdam for a photoshoot! These last weeks were very hectic and busy for me so I hadn’t got enough time to shoot some outfits. These upcoming weeks I will have a lot more spare time which means new outfits and new posts. So I thought why not do a recap from one of my favorite outfits so far posted on highonthoseheels.com.

This outfit is on of my favorite maybe my number one favorite so far! I loved this pants and the combination with the all black | It Suits Me! Next week I will be shooting some new looks with Wendy from the blog Wendy van Soest which also shot these awesome pics in Utrecht! Hope you like it :)

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Inspiration trend | Layering



Hi everyone,

How are you all? It has been a while since I posted a new post on my blog. This week was quite a hectic week for me with some personal circumstances. I think you all know me quite well since I’m quite open about my personal life on my blog. I will talk about it in a more personal post next week. For now I’m ending my week with a new inspriration trend for some upcoming posts. This trend is perfect for the upcoming winter and cold days, but still looking stylish with the Layering trend! Hope you all like it :)!

This is by far my favorite but also quite a different trend to style for this new season! I love the summer because you don’t have to wear a lot of clothes to look stylish. Fall/Winter season is way harder because your wearing a big coat and warm clothes with I always thought, this makes me fat and so unsexy haha. But since I got to do more styling assignments, I really liked to layer and got the hold off it on how to layer. You can wear a big knit combined with a long blouse, skirt and some heeled boots for a feminine look or make it more casual with a mom jeans, lace up shoes, T-shirt combined with a denim jacket and a long coat! I’ve selected some of my favorite streetstyle outfits with this trend!

How would you wear it? And what is your favorite trend of this season? Would love to know :)

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Giveaway Winner | Win a free pair of Sacha shoes



Dear readers,

A few weeks ago I shared with you a new giveaway. Together with Sacha I had the chance to giveaway a free pair of Sacha Shoes! Unfortunately the first winner hasn’t contact me and took her price which means that Sacha picked a new winner!

The Winner |

Again drumroll please, The winner of a free pair of Sacha shoes of own choice is…….. Jutta! 

Whoehoe congrats girl, I will send you an email today :)! Thanks again for participating and don’t forget to check out the blog! Lots of fun and amazing giveaways yet to come :)!

Sacha A/W 2015 collection | 

Allready seen the new collection from Sacha? I’ve one word for the new collection from Sacha, A-mazing! Pick your favorite now on sacha.nl 

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Recap | October



Hi sweeties,

Bye Bye October, Hello November! 2015 is nearly to an end, October was one of its awesome months. Lots of fun moments, surprises and seeing that my blog is still growing! Big thanks again to all the die hard and sweet readers, it’s all thanks to you all! Starting with a new week tomorrow! October was busy school month for me which really tested my stresslevel haha! Offcourse I always make time shooting some new outfits! So an all and new recap with my favorite looks which I wore in October! I did some shopping these last weeks which means, new upcoming November outfits! I can’t wait to show you more new looks in November but for now enjoy these October looks!

Would love to know, which outfit is your favorite? Let me know :)

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IMG_8492-1024x683 IMG_8486-1024x683

Outfit |


Outfit |


Outfit | bootcut 5bootcut 3

Outfit |

une fete parisienne 7 une fete parisienne 4

Outfit |