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Hi sweeties,

How are you all? I’m so busy with school, work, dancing, Miss Beauty of Noord Brabant pageant and blogging! Well, I can’t say No to anything, I don’t want to miss out on anything haha! This whole weekend I went to Amsterdam. On Saturday I went to the IJ-hallen for the first time! I went with a friend who also had lots of fun clothes, accessoiries and shoes which she didn’t wore, so we rented a stall and started selling! We had a blast and a lot, now we can buy some new stuff, yeahh! Yesterday I went to the MTV Blog Fair by Ilovefashionbloggers! Here is a glimps of this fun event :)!

After a long trip to Amsterdam, I finally arrived (2 hours to late with my hair ruined by the rain) at the Blog Fair. After a quick touch up and some help from sweet blogger Wendy, I used my ruined hair for a cool wet look, I was ready to go! Unfortunately I missed the Q&A and the presentation of the winner of the Best Upcoming Blogger Award 2015. I was glad to hear that Frederique of FAB le Frique won the award! She has worked so hard and really deserved this award, so congrats girl! After that I did a round along all fun stalls! There were a lot of cool brands like Tailor&Elbaz, Paul’s Boutique, Tigha, Fashionista, Hoop It Yourself, Yogha and many more. I had some nice chats with all the brands and met some inspiring people! It’s was also nice to get to know some new brands like Yogha and Hoop It Yourself were I also did a quick hoola hoop session myself and learned that I’ve found out that I’ve been hoola hooping wrong all my life haha! At the Blog Fair which were a lot bloggers who I knew threw Instagram and Facebook but which I hadn’t met in real life so it was nice to meet them in person! I had a nice chat with sweet Joy from Everday Escapism! Off course I wore a new outfit with I will share with you all soon!

Thank you Ilovefashionbloggers and MTV for this fun event :)!

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IMG_7753 IMG_7757 IMG_7786 IMG_7760

The pretty bags from Paul’s Boutique 
IMG_7761 IMG_7773

Sweat Collection and Yoga Mats from Jogha

IMG_7776 IMG_7778

Cool Mens and Women collection from Tigha IMG_7763 IMG_7764IMG_7766

Loved this awesome jacket from Tailor&ElbazIMG_7769

Tamara Elbaz en Maria Tailor with their gorgeous summer and preview winter collection from Tailor&Elbaz

| Selfie Time|


Lovely Bloggerbabes Wendy and Joy

20150531_170950FB_IMG_1433193285689IMG_20150531_234857 C360_2015-05-31-21-27-02-854

Selfie with lovely girls Maria and Tamara from Tailor&Elbaz


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  1. Wat jammer dat je wat laat was maar je zag er -ondanks de regen- onwijs goed uit!

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