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Hi everyone,

Well Hello, Manic Monday! I can’t and will never like monday. It means that my weekend went by to fast, we’ve to wait five days till the weekend and I’ve to wake up at 5:30 to go to school in Amsterdam but I’ve survived this one again and my fall holiday has started! Did you all enjoyed your weekend? I had a nice sushi diner last Saturday with my old but dear colleagues! On Sunday I had a nice day of so I went to Amsterdam for the NSMBL – Une Fête Parisienne festival ! I also finally got to meet Sharon from the blog Zijenstijl! So on this new blogpost I’m showing you a little glimps of the parisien inspired festival! Hope you all like it :)!


Sharon and I allready had contact threw Instagram and WhatsApp. It was so nice to finally meet each other in real life! Such a sweet hart with the same passion for blogging and fashion, it’s was like we knew each other for years so no akwardness at all! After meeting at the station and chatting with a nice Pumpkin Spice Latte, which was so delicious, we went to the Westergasfabriek were the event took place. After searching for 15 minutes we finally found the building haha. One of the most important things to start: The outfit! Off course I will show you my parisien inspired look soon on the blog. I really loved the decoration, the eiffeltower, a big carrousel, lots of big and colourfull balloons, small white lampposts and other white decoration really made the room felt like you were in Paris!


At the festival were a lot of stands from different Fashion and Beauty brands, inspiring workshops, masterclasses, nice beauty demonstrations, free manicures, awesome illustrations, and of course lots of champagne and unique offers! The first stand were we went by, we went on a polaroid photo together. I always love polaroid photo’s and would really love to have one to! There were also a lot of stands from fashion stores in Amsterdam, really loved the stand from Things I like, Things I love and My-oh – My, definitly my kind of style and wanted to buy everything but unfortunately I’m living the poor student life! There were also some photobooths were you could shot four photo’s together and yess offcourse we had to do that! We also watched the masterclass from O.P.I. Their nailspolish is to die for and they gave some really good tips for healthy and nice polished nails! Unfortunately it was so busy at the stand, you had to wait at least an half hour or more, so we skipt that one. Only downside of the masterclasses, there weren’t enough chairs only 20 I think. We ate some delicious bio frites and the always yummy bio yoghurt from the yoghurt barn! The average age was really young which even made me feel old. It was a nice event but relatively small for the price you pay, 19.50, for a ticket. If there were more actieve things to do with a bit more fashion, lots of masterclasses and to do stands were beauty, it would have made it a bit more interresting for me.

I hope Sharon and I will meet up soon, thanks for the lovely day girl!

Did you also visited the Une Fête Parisienne festival? What do you think of it? Love to hear :)!

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  1. Aaaaah wat ben je toch een schat! Leuke post, maarre.. Je zou niks zeggen van dat onnodig omlopen om het gebouw.. Haha! Tot hopelijk heel snel, was gezellig en like you already said alsof we elkaar al jaren kennen! That’s something good ✌️ Liefs X

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