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Sweet readers,

Hell yeah, weekend is here! Starting it with a danceclass and a night out with my friends! I’m up for a really busy weekend with work, homework and fashionweek! But I will tell you more about that after the weekend! For now I’m showing you the end result of this cool shoot which I styled a while ago! Something totally different but I love the end results! Have a look :)!

We worked with the theme Animal! All kinds of different animal prints put together with a edgy chic style! I’ve to say that I was quite nervous to style this shoot because it a quite difficult theme to shoot. I really liked the combinations from the outfits and can’t wait to show it to you all!

What do you think of the end results? Do you have a favorite? Let me know :)!

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| Photographer – Robin Griffin| Model – Rebekka Kok | MUAH – Kim van Ling | Stylist – Vera van Wijnen |'

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